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Hey guys,

so I have been away for a while.

I got into a non-creative period, and for some reason couldn’t get unstuck. My “excuse” was not being able to buy more supplies.

Of course, if I was truly inspired I could have instead used what I had left and tried to figure something creative out. I decided to keep making jewelry, but do more of my other crafting ventures- my clip art and digital paper store, drawing etc. Everything was going, just slower than usual, while I tortured myself over why I don’t make enough money and how to change that. The moment I finally used the last amount I had on supplies, I thought things would change. I was inspired for a day, and that was it.

But then the other day I got a job by accident- I had mentioned I make things on Adobe to a friend, and she knew people who needed professional logo created for them on slightly less then the regular rate.

To be honest, even knowing that they were looking for cheaper price I didn’t think they would take me. I hadn’t had that much chance to prepare for an interview, although I do have the skills to create the said logo, I had no way to prove that to them. I DID get it. And the moment I did, I felt on the top of the world. In the few days since then, I have written, done new things, and started making jewelry again. Strangely, the fact that one thing got unstuck, helped me realize that I have more creativity in me than I thought. So, here are my first steps back into making jewelry:

DSCF2012 DSCF2079I’ll be back soon with more creations.

Until then,



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DSCF1862 DSCF1858 DSCF1855

So I finally found a store for supplies that had a base for stud earrings and those are some of the results.

To check out more and order your own visit my shop on Etsy.

If you would like to see more of my new designs or read about other artists and tips on craft business and etsy, please subscribe to my blog or like my facebook page.

xox, Maxi

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