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Hey guys,

so I have been away for a while.

I got into a non-creative period, and for some reason couldn’t get unstuck. My “excuse” was not being able to buy more supplies.

Of course, if I was truly inspired I could have instead used what I had left and tried to figure something creative out. I decided to keep making jewelry, but do more of my other crafting ventures- my clip art and digital paper store, drawing etc. Everything was going, just slower than usual, while I tortured myself over why I don’t make enough money and how to change that. The moment I finally used the last amount I had on supplies, I thought things would change. I was inspired for a day, and that was it.

But then the other day I got a job by accident- I had mentioned I make things on Adobe to a friend, and she knew people who needed professional logo created for them on slightly less then the regular rate.

To be honest, even knowing that they were looking for cheaper price I didn’t think they would take me. I hadn’t had that much chance to prepare for an interview, although I do have the skills to create the said logo, I had no way to prove that to them. I DID get it. And the moment I did, I felt on the top of the world. In the few days since then, I have written, done new things, and started making jewelry again. Strangely, the fact that one thing got unstuck, helped me realize that I have more creativity in me than I thought. So, here are my first steps back into making jewelry:

DSCF2012 DSCF2079I’ll be back soon with more creations.

Until then,



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Change of venue

image from: http://www.wilbers.com/grants.htmPerhaps it is a little hypocritical to say how I have yet spend the last few days, contemplating the fact of writing one homework, and feeling confined and stuck by deadlines rather than the content. Time passed, and I still couldn’t write.

How, when I so explicitly kept explaining to people everything is point of view, everything is relative and we are stuck only if we chose to be so? And yet I was stuck. Have I chosen it? I wasn’t sure. However if someone was to talk to me the way I was thinking about things these days I would’ve been very irritated. But I am only human and as a human I use my emotions first and then move on to rationalizing my emotions and thinking about what I can change.

It took me about 5 days.

I was unsettled. I had to talk to a friend. I was tired. I was unprepared. I had other classes. I used every excuse in the book. (more…)

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