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So I finally found a store for supplies that had a base for stud earrings and those are some of the results.

To check out more and order your own visit my shop on Etsy.

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xox, Maxi


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New Design: Purple Beaded Polymer Clay Necklace

That’s a design that was inspired by a new friend. I will write more soon, but that’s all for now.
The original was made in lilac with pink glass beads, and I’m planning more colors soon.

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Why I make so much Rose inspired jewelry

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Few months back, when I give a new friend the link to my Etsy store, the first comment she makes is “You really like roses, don’t you?”.

I think about it.

No, not really. I didn’t before…

Roses for me are…too classic. Too predictable, too familiar. Beautiful, but not unique. So no, I wasn’t really fond of roses growing up. So why roses?


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