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So I finally found a store for supplies that had a base for stud earrings and those are some of the results.

To check out more and order your own visit my shop on Etsy.

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xox, Maxi


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Hey everyone,

this is an update for my Etsy store, and as well important news for everyone who makes purchases from my jewelry.

As of the last 4 weeks I have relocated to Belgrade, Serbia.

It has been a chaotic change at times, so here is my breakdown for those of you who are interested in what that means. (more…)

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Few months back, when I give a new friend the link to my Etsy store, the first comment she makes is “You really like roses, don’t you?”.

I think about it.

No, not really. I didn’t before…

Roses for me are…too classic. Too predictable, too familiar. Beautiful, but not unique. So no, I wasn’t really fond of roses growing up. So why roses?


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Here is an interesting video I’ve found on motivation. Besides the awesome animation included, the video rings very true to me. Everyone who loves to draw or sing or do something very creative as a hobby have found out, I think, at one point or another, that it is a lot harder to do a good job under the money motivation.

If I have to say why, I would guess it has a lot to do with the fact that when you are doing it for yourself and to get better or just because you simply LOVE doing it, there’s no pressure. You want it, you can want it with your whole heart, do the best job possible, and guess what, it could be better than anything you have done so far. However as soon as it becomes a job or a contest for payment, you have the pressure of having to do good because you need these money or you have to prove you are good enough as an artist to get them. And it’s suddenly not an enjoyable activity anymore, it is a project, a job, and it IS stressful.

I don’t know if that’s true for everyone, but I certainly think it is a lot harder to do creative work under pressure, and certainly money is pressure if you need them, and if you don’t- then it’s not a stimulation enough.

Of course, there is the case where you do your best work under pressure, but as that is not always the case…hope you find this video motivating:)

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