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Gorgeous unique bridal brooch fabric flower bouquet, check it out!
Starting my new tradition to share with you all of my unique fashion finds.


As promised, here are the pictures of the finished bridal brooch bouquet!

Plenty of hand-rolles satin roses, shabby chic chiffon flowers in ivory – champagne color palette… adorned with crystal and pearl brooches and pins. I used a beautiful Victorian inspired tussy-mussy for the handle. Isn’t is GORGEOUS?

bridal brooch bouquet with tussy-mussy handle  by Viogemini And here is another brooch bouquet!  Wine color artificial flower decorated with lots of brooches and buttons.

Tussy-mussy handle gives the bouquet a Royal touch.

bridal brooch bouquet with tusy mussy handle by Viogemini

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Since all of us get a little stuck creatively at times, I thought I’d share with you the types of posts I usually do for this blog(some of them I still haven’t gotten to), as well as ideas what you could write about in any crafts blog.

When I first started blogging, I was a little lost as to what to write about when it came to my online business and not just my personal thoughts on what I did today or the latest news…

So if you feel the same way, I hope this will help you deal with that and give you some idea where to start. (more…)

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DSCF1839DSCF1828 DSCF1827Hey guys,

lately the weather has been sunny and hot, and I also went to Salsa night in one of the local clubs, and so I’ve been inspired to start making fabric flowers again. These are my first new additions! I hope you enjoy them. Those particular ones also double as a brooch, so they can be used in a lot more ways.

To check out more and order your own visit my shop on Etsy.

If you would like to see more of my new designs or read about other artists and tips on craft business and etsy, please subscribe to my blog or like my facebook page.

Coming next: 10 ways to use fabric flowers other than in your hair.

xox, Maxi

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I am an old fashioned girl from Vermont who cherishes the old ways, the warm layers, the embrace of family and the heirloom quality of handmade.


Besides the creation of handmade items, I have been fascinated by learning about what makes a person successful in fields like arts and crafts, and the creation process behind it. I have in these few years, spend many hours reading about that, and researching it.

Now, I decided to cross on the other side. From this week on I will be posting one interview a week, every Thursday with successful Etsy sellers, other craftsmen, writers, photographers and art people.

I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any additional questions.

About Pixiebell (Diane)

She and her husband have been the owners of an Etsy shop for handknit items from 2007. To this date, the shop has more than 14,000 sales. It’s filled with more than 1200 items, mainly knit hats, but also scarfs and other accessories. The store attracts with huge variety of shapes and colors, as well as very attractive pictures. (more…)

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Hey everyone,

this is an update for my Etsy store, and as well important news for everyone who makes purchases from my jewelry.

As of the last 4 weeks I have relocated to Belgrade, Serbia.

It has been a chaotic change at times, so here is my breakdown for those of you who are interested in what that means. (more…)

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