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I am an old fashioned girl from Vermont who cherishes the old ways, the warm layers, the embrace of family and the heirloom quality of handmade.


Besides the creation of handmade items, I have been fascinated by learning about what makes a person successful in fields like arts and crafts, and the creation process behind it. I have in these few years, spend many hours reading about that, and researching it.

Now, I decided to cross on the other side. From this week on I will be posting one interview a week, every Thursday with successful Etsy sellers, other craftsmen, writers, photographers and art people.

I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any additional questions.

About Pixiebell (Diane)

She and her husband have been the owners of an Etsy shop for handknit items from 2007. To this date, the shop has more than 14,000 sales. It’s filled with more than 1200 items, mainly knit hats, but also scarfs and other accessories. The store attracts with huge variety of shapes and colors, as well as very attractive pictures. (more…)


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The Rule: Knowledge is Power

+ 20 things exercise

This post was inspired for me by a video I watched on youtube from Brian Tracy, where he said success is predictable. That just like cooking, it just required you to study the people that are the most successful at what you do, and follow it like a recipe. I never forgot that advice.


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Just the other day someone I know pointed out writer may not be the best carreer choice for me. “Why not start your own business,” he pointed out, “or become a politician. It will be easier.” I looked at him stunned, for one thing, because of all arguments he had come up with for why it will be hard for me to be a writer, and for another because it kept surprizing me how little chances people were ready to take once they seemed a bit harder or inconvenient. I guess the deeper truth was that I could never understand basing your carreer on convenience over passion.
So I would have to have another job for indefinite period of time, to support my writer’s career, so what? I am getting a Bachelor degree in Journalism in a year for that very purpose. So not as many people read anymore, so what? So it will be hard, again, so what? What are you looking for? The easy way around? And what is it about Business that in any way makes it easier, except that is more wide-spread? (more…)

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Here is an interesting video I’ve found on motivation. Besides the awesome animation included, the video rings very true to me. Everyone who loves to draw or sing or do something very creative as a hobby have found out, I think, at one point or another, that it is a lot harder to do a good job under the money motivation.

If I have to say why, I would guess it has a lot to do with the fact that when you are doing it for yourself and to get better or just because you simply LOVE doing it, there’s no pressure. You want it, you can want it with your whole heart, do the best job possible, and guess what, it could be better than anything you have done so far. However as soon as it becomes a job or a contest for payment, you have the pressure of having to do good because you need these money or you have to prove you are good enough as an artist to get them. And it’s suddenly not an enjoyable activity anymore, it is a project, a job, and it IS stressful.

I don’t know if that’s true for everyone, but I certainly think it is a lot harder to do creative work under pressure, and certainly money is pressure if you need them, and if you don’t- then it’s not a stimulation enough.

Of course, there is the case where you do your best work under pressure, but as that is not always the case…hope you find this video motivating:)

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Here is one more person to remind us what success really means.

Achieving your goals is not an end by itself. Life is changing all the time and so should we. If you can learn three things from him, they would be:

1) Success doesn’t always come easy

In his case it involved dropping out of college, living on the floors of friends’ rooms and taking a risk that not every one will dare to take without having stability underneath him;

2)Everything happens for a reason

As Steve Jobs calls it, “connecting the dots”, or else, the trust that things fall in place eventually, even if at times it seems you’re failing. Even the worst situation is just a memory after all, and it may even become “blessing in disguise”. In his case, his Apple may have been his ultimate dream once upon a time, and getting fired from your own company may seem like an end to something that you have build your entire life.

It is, but there is also a truth in a clishe like the one that every end is a new beginning. In Steve Jobs’ case it was the beginning of something as wonderful as creating “Pixar”. Who can be as lucky as to make to as big things in one lifetime?

3)We have to learn not to take things for granted

It’s easy to get lost in everyday life if death is just a mere idea somewhere down the road. Thinking your time is up makes you a lot more attentive to everything in your life. Living for the moment may seem like a very cheesy idea, but if you are able to do it, it pays off.

Falling and failing is never forever, but it may be the push to help you do something bigger, instead of another bitter disappointment.

We live only once! Or so they say.

Make it worthwhile.

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