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Note: When I am saying that some of those rules work on practically everything, I mean it. Still, do note that nothing is absolute, and the best advices can’t work on Everything. There are always exceptions. Use your judgement whether that’s the case with you.

1. Divide and conquer (or the eggs-basket metaphor)

The Rule: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. (more…)


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Hey guys, so this is my first vlog, hope you enjoy it!

I’ve recently been learning a lot of new things, and they were all filled with that feeling you have when you start something new and you aren’t exactly sure how it’s working out. This video is about this feeling.

Also, I want to introduce myself. My actual name is Gergana, but since I’ve found it’s sometimes hard to pronounce for foreigners, for the purpose of my youtube channel and this blog, I will be going under Maxi.

Nice to meet you!


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Just the other day someone I know pointed out writer may not be the best carreer choice for me. “Why not start your own business,” he pointed out, “or become a politician. It will be easier.” I looked at him stunned, for one thing, because of all arguments he had come up with for why it will be hard for me to be a writer, and for another because it kept surprizing me how little chances people were ready to take once they seemed a bit harder or inconvenient. I guess the deeper truth was that I could never understand basing your carreer on convenience over passion.
So I would have to have another job for indefinite period of time, to support my writer’s career, so what? I am getting a Bachelor degree in Journalism in a year for that very purpose. So not as many people read anymore, so what? So it will be hard, again, so what? What are you looking for? The easy way around? And what is it about Business that in any way makes it easier, except that is more wide-spread? (more…)

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       “The thing about photography is I’m not just trying to photograph what I see, I’m trying to photograph what I feel and what I imagine…” –Nevada Wier 

    Nevada Wier is a world-known travel photographer, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She travels maintly to the remote places of the world. Some of her travels have included Southeast Asia, India, China, Nepal, Africa, New Zealand, Central Asia, Mongolia, South America. Even though she doesn’t start her career in photography until late in her twenties, she devotes completely to the new path she has chosen.

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Now here is an artist I definitely respect. David Ilan is a celebrity artist who works who creates drawings using pointilism, a style in which the drawings are made only with many tiny dots. His latest project is the above-shown picture of woman, you can see the outlines and part of the picture. A dot is added to the picture every time someone who survived sexual abuse/rape sends him their story. (more…)

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