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The Rule: Knowledge is Power

+ 20 things exercise

This post was inspired for me by a video I watched on youtube from Brian Tracy, where he said success is predictable. That just like cooking, it just required you to study the people that are the most successful at what you do, and follow it like a recipe. I never forgot that advice.



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Note: When I am saying that some of those rules work on practically everything, I mean it. Still, do note that nothing is absolute, and the best advices can’t work on Everything. There are always exceptions. Use your judgement whether that’s the case with you.

1. Divide and conquer (or the eggs-basket metaphor)

The Rule: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. (more…)

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Hey guys, so this is my first vlog, hope you enjoy it!

I’ve recently been learning a lot of new things, and they were all filled with that feeling you have when you start something new and you aren’t exactly sure how it’s working out. This video is about this feeling.

Also, I want to introduce myself. My actual name is Gergana, but since I’ve found it’s sometimes hard to pronounce for foreigners, for the purpose of my youtube channel and this blog, I will be going under Maxi.

Nice to meet you!


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The day before, while attempting to reorder my bedroom, I have neatly boxed my life as a painter, to create space for my new life. Okay, let me clear something up. I do not WORK as a painter. Painting was somewhat of a hobby combined with taking classes in university in hopes of making it a part time job.

But it was something that defined me all my life, from a little child. I always thought I’d end up writing, and drawing one day. It’s my relaxation, my identity of sorts.

I haven’t touched a brush in 2 years, and felt guilty all the while, for letting life get in the way. On the back of my mind I waited for the time when I will get back to it. The boxes of pastels and watercolors stayed on obvious shelf right next to my bed, the vase with brushes and the wood drawing dummy right next to them. It was always on a close spot so that I can get right on with it.

But I don’t. (more…)

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Few months back, when I give a new friend the link to my Etsy store, the first comment she makes is “You really like roses, don’t you?”.

I think about it.

No, not really. I didn’t before…

Roses for me are…too classic. Too predictable, too familiar. Beautiful, but not unique. So no, I wasn’t really fond of roses growing up. So why roses?


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