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Note: When I am saying that some of those rules work on practically everything, I mean it. Still, do note that nothing is absolute, and the best advices can’t work on Everything. There are always exceptions. Use your judgement whether that’s the case with you.

1. Divide and conquer (or the eggs-basket metaphor)

The Rule: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. (more…)


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Hey guys, so this is my first vlog, hope you enjoy it!

I’ve recently been learning a lot of new things, and they were all filled with that feeling you have when you start something new and you aren’t exactly sure how it’s working out. This video is about this feeling.

Also, I want to introduce myself. My actual name is Gergana, but since I’ve found it’s sometimes hard to pronounce for foreigners, for the purpose of my youtube channel and this blog, I will be going under Maxi.

Nice to meet you!


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Just today I stumbled upon something I haven’t thought about it in a while: tea bags with himalayan tea.

02 Oct 2002 — Teacups and Dried Tea Leaves in Bamboo Container — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Now, I haven’t tried it in tea bags before, just in one cafe in Sofia, my home town, but so far it has been my favorite tea to drink. It’s usually black tea, a little(or more) spicey, and it goes really good with milk.

The milk is optional, but as far as the tea goes, there is nothing so far that has waken me so much after hours and hours of studying. Not black coffee, not green tea or coke.

Of course, in busy days, tea bags can do. But, for the other times here is the recipe for it I managed to find. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am pretty sure it’s divine. If you’re not sure you will like such tea, try the bags first, but for everyone else: of course homemade is better, so here is the recipe:


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