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So what have I been doing this summer you’d ask? Well, not a lot. Bits and pieces. Couple of weeks ago though it hit me, like it usually does with most things. I had been ignoring my health for way too long. I always started certain things in that effect and quit again about 3 days later. I have quit drinking coffee about 300 times and started drinking it again after a bit. It’s not only the coffee, it amounts to the fact that often I end up drinking 5 cups of coffee just in a day. With cream. And sugar. Then again, I thought it’s okay, it wasn’t doing any actual damage, non I can account of, so I kept drinking it.

So now, when I decided to drink only mint tea without anything instead and detox my body, I did it more for the principle, to prove that I can. And I did, and since I have finally truly decided it,  it was easy. But the true surprise came few weeks later when my skin started quickly clearing- no pimple or old scars from such, no uneven spots. I haven’t realized how irritated my skin had felt before that.

So, I’m sticking with the tea habit for a while. However these past weeks I also started taking vitamins and truly thinking of what other changes I wanted to do but felt unable to. One of them has been running a marathon at least once in my life, and that once has to be NOW. (more…)


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One of my favorite styles of music of all times has always been reggaeton. What does that have to do with Atlantic City, you’ll ask? Well, I spent my last summer working in Atlantic City, and despite the fact that being there had some useful sides to it, I resented it.
I mean, who wouldn’t? I have been growing up just as anyone else around me, but I had not had to deal with death before that summer. Not people I was close with, not relatives, not even relatives of relatives. The only time I remember being at a funeral was when I was about 5 and the only things I do remember is that it was long and that there was good food after. I have seen too little for my age I assume, or may be I had seen just what everyone has seen at 21 years- which isn’t too much. And suddenly I was thrown in a world where I saw drunks and addict and homeless people on daily basis, and where breaking the law seemed the-thing-you-do-for-breakfast. You want something- you make a deal for it. It went against all my beliefs. (more…)

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Finals Week

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(With the fast approaching finals week here in my university in Blagoevgrad, and all projects lining up from this early, I just had to include something about it. It has some elements mentioned that are specific to the city and the university-bg market, the lobbies- but as a whole I think it is similar to everyone’s experience with finals week at one point or another;))

Finals week.

We are all fully aware what this means. Reading. Writing. Coffee. Reading again. Virtually no sleep.

Everyone is reading, every lobby is full, the library magically turns into one of those places you need to book days before you actually go there and there is someone awake at any hour of the day…or the night. The printers are out of paper, the coffee automat is out of sugar, milk, and possibly coffee. BG market is out of chocolate.

Our semester-long effort to make our GPA higher and add something more to our resumes ends here. It’s the final round of the sleepless nights spent in writing papers and partying with friends. The moment we all have been waiting for. The moment we have to be at our best.

It’s also the moment ALL sleepless nights add up, ALL things you have been leaving for later suddenly have to be done now, and ALL you really want to do is sleep. (more…)

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This video was posted by Dashama yesterday. Now, I usually like her videos, so when I open it and the first thing I see under is a bunch of comments like “she looks kinda drunk” etc. etc. and I was very and unpleasantly surprised.

 I watched the video, you can watch yourselves, and to be quite honest she does look kinda drunk. Or high.

Now, I was planning for a while to do a blog on the new communications/connections and how they change with the developing of social media etc., but today I just want to emphasize one small point in the “against” column.

Let me just say, I like Dashama and in the past have found her videos useful, and I like yoga, and even if she’s drunk…everyone has such moments. Most of the things she says are actually quite normal and reasonable, except for the way she says them, and some added things that sound a bit too much(“the gushy gushy goodness”, really?!?). It’s sort of satirical-comical etc. Now, you can talk anyway you like of course, but I do think that this does not show her best side. If you are trying to sell something, advertise something on youtube channel or anywhere, social media is priceless resource of making connections you wouldn’t be able to do otherside. Despite everything said about too much internet etc., this is a new way to market product and services that makes possibilities a lot bigger than they used to be.

But if you do want to market yoga, balance, health and nutrition, you probably do NOT want to appear looking drunk on a video.

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Buddha Dwellings

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.
Quotation of Buddha

It has been circulating around me lately the idea that Buddha advocated separation of feelings, that ultimately the human beings have to separate themselves from emotion to achieve true happiness. I had heard it once before, when I was little and I had considered it plain wrong- not that he had said it but that humans can be trully happy not feeling. As I heard it twice in class from other people lately, I figured I should rediscover my view over this.
I still disagreed with the statement, although in a completely different way. (more…)

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